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wx200d is a weather station data collector and server daemon for the WX200 / WM918 / WMR918 / WMR968 weather station hardware. wx200d can log weather data to files and/or a database. It also listens for client connections and tees the data out to those clients. Clients (included) can connect to wx200d from any machine and display the weather in real-time or report it to wunderground.com. Includes utilities for summarizing and plotting the data by hour, day or month and producing beautiful web pages like this:

Check out the real SourceForge project page for more information, CVS and ftp access, etc.

Check out this screenshot of some of the things wx200d can do, including gwx, a client that looks like the hardware. This is what wx200d's web pages look like:

Version 1.3 is released

2004/02/01 download here: wx200d-1.3.tar.gz

NEW for 1.3 (see also the files ChangeLog and TODO):

More information:

wx200 client

The included wx200 client displays all known data in the units and formats you prefer like this:

WX200 ff:            localhost:9753   1/31 19:54:17
  1.3             Display:     Temp/0/0          Power: AC  Battery: ok
             ---------- Outdoor -----------  ----------- Indoor -----------
Temperature: 46.0 F Hi111.7 F  7/20 16:30    70.9 F Hi122.0 F  2/22 15:52
                    Lo 18.3 F  1/26  6:23           Lo 54.0 F  2/15  8:29
   Humidity:   51 % Hi   97*%  1/31  9:34      34 % Hi   71 %  9/27  9:02
                    Lo   11 %  7/ 3 17:50           Lo   13 %  2/22 16:00
  Dew Point:   32*F Hi   66 F  8/24  9:51      43 F Hi   73 F  8/24 17:38
                    Lo   32*F  1/31 19:54           Lo   32*F 10/13  8:26
Wind Gust:089 E @  0.0 mph    Wind Gust Hi:340NNW@125.3*mph   11/22  1:47
      Avg:089 E @  0.0 mph      Wind Chill:  46 F   Lo:  -2 F 11/22  1:47
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h  Yesterday: 0.08 in Total:11.85 in since  7/17 20:08
Barometer: Steady at 29.77 in  30.03 in  sea; 12-24hr forecast: Rain
See --help for many other output options.

Other WX200 pages:

Central Atlantic Storm Investigators provide a nice list of WX-200 and WM-918 links.

Disclaimer:This stuff was written by me on my own time and equipment. My employer has absolutely nothing to do with it. This stuff is released under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.

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